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Consist of high-quality materials for the highest comfort even after hours of computer adventures. Even the most demanding gamers will be thrilled of the elegant design. In terms of quality and comfort, Bloody never compromises. The intelligent earcups eliminate all the noises and ensure comfort even during long hours of listening.

Hybrid Diaphragm

Optimized with Hybrid Diaphragm, every subtle notes are precisely produced. It gives a more consistent and precise sound across the entire frequency range.

M.O.C.I. Dome Tech

M.O.C.I. (Mycelium of Carbon IT) is the soul and heart of Golden Sound. Made of advanced biotechnology with bred nano mycelium and carbon fiber to offer the metal rigidity with paper-like thinness. This optimum diaphragm dome is made to create high-resolution and precise notes for highs and mids and unfolds music to its full potential.

Hybrid Diaphragm Tech

Hybrid Diaphragm is designed to utilize with two materials combined into one speaker unit. M.O.C.I. Dome provide rigidity and ensures clear crystal highs and mids. High Flex Ring provide high flexibility and performs powerful deep resonating bass. Each diaphragm are designed for a reason and together offers true balanced sound with ultra-high resolution and dynamic performance.

Powerful Drivers

High performance 40mm neodymium magnet speaker drivers are tuned for clear high and mid-range as well as deep bass for powerful lows. It features 20-20000Hz range of frequency response.

7.1 Stereo Mode

Gaming and audio complements each others. Besides gaming, you can also enjoy surround sounds for your favorite blockbusters. Audio and acoustic mode allows you to have a variety of options, and can preset 6 different sound-control modes, for all your audio enjoyment need.

Slant Driver Structure

Keep music in and keeps distractions out. Acoustics are reflected back towards your ears for the subtlest of sounds.

Dual-Chamber Airflow Refining Tech

Multi-layered air vents provide professional soundscape for optimized dynamics and flawless audio performance.

Neon Backlit

Cool looking with LED light. Glaring LED lights are designed on the earcups, highlighting the atmosphere of the game.

Custom-Made XXL Protein Leather Earpads

Features XXL protein leatherette ear pads that cushion your ears while gaming. Let your skin breathe and ensures ultimate comfort. No outside noise enters the headset and you can rest assured that those around you won’t hear your game either.

3 Modes for Sound Personalization

Gaming tone controller can be switched between 3 modes of audio types (Smart Gaming / 2.0 Music / 7.1 Surround Sound).

Unique Sound Distinction System

Smart self-definable 5-step in-game sound control allows FPS gamers to freely adjust the sound of “feet steps, weapon change, gun fire, and breathing”.

Tonemaker Tunning Software

Completely Customizable! Controls What YOU Want to Hear!

Speaker Unit: Φ40 mm Hybrid Diaphragm Driver
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 KHz
Sensitivity: 100 dB
Impedance: 16 ohm
LED Backlight: Neon Colors

Frequency Response: 100 Hz -15 KHz
Sensitivity : - 45 dB

Material: Tangle-Free Braided Cable
Cable Length: 200 CM
Port: USB Plug
The Bloody M620T TONEMAKER HEADPHONE is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 29, 2023